Friday, October 22, 2010

getting to know you

I never thought that I would ever be on a blogging web site actually typing away my thoughts. Hell, I'm the type of person that disconnected all other social network sites for the pure enjoyment of living life, and not being a name online. Well, here I am with a blogspot, interesting turn of events. To me that is, obviously not to you. To you (reading this): you have no idea who I am, and odds are you probably don't care. This isn't one of those cries for help from some desperately depraved sod who thinks the world is out to get them, no this is more a statement of fact. You, the reader, have no idea who I am, and I plan on keeping it that way. I guess you could say I am old school in the idea that I like my privacy. I don't want random strangers knowing how often I take a piss everyday. The idea that this very post will remain and be sent to a database to be pulled for other people to view is an interesting one to me. I like writing, and I am highly opinionated about things yet I don't want anything else to be known about me other than the random musings from some random stranger.

This blog spot, or blogger, probably will not have any sense of a theme. I will post things as I feel as I should and the subject will cover anything. Maybe, movie reviews, religion, science, whatever catches my fancy. I have told you why I won't advertise my name and I think I should also mention that the reason why I started a blogspot is simply due to the fact that I enjoy writing and I think that this will be a suitable avenue to express my opinions without people getting uppity about what the authors true intentions are. The intentions are simply this: to express ideas in order to start a rational debate about sensitive subjects that too many people get up in arms about.
I don't know how many people will actually read this or will actually comment on it, without the crazy "you suck at life" or "you have something to hide" things that I am expecting to receive. If this seems interesting, stay tuned there will be more to follow.